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The Brazilian PathDESIGN + CRAFT- The Brazilian Path’ by Adelia Borges 2011- 240p.Ed. TERCEIRO NOME ( This densely illustated book gives an account of the paths followed by Brazilian designers and artisans to create objects with clear identities and a high quality production. Beyond the concrete examples of the on-going process of revitalization of artisanal objects throughout Brazil, the author brings a significant contribution to the debate on design intervention in crafts. This book is of great interest for a broad range of readers, from design students and professionals to public and private craft promoters and managers of institutions involved in craft and social innovation projects. Contact:


Creative Language of Indigeneous Communities of Colombia’– March 2012. 533 pages ©Grupo Sura y Suramericana; ©Cecilia Duque Duque   A rigorous and surprising anthropological,sociological and cultural research on the creativity of 15 selected indigeneous groups throughout Colombia. Directed by Cecilia Duque Duque, this book illustrates the rich cultural heritage of each of these communities, with the exceptional photos of Eric Bauer and videos by Juan Sebastian Velasco. It is further enriched by the iconographies of the broad range of indigeneous craft productions as well as body decorations.



‘Great Masters of Folk Art Iberoamericana’ Volume 1- Clay-Metal-Various ; 2011 . 570 pages; ©Fomento Cultural Banamex This first volume is part of the initiative of Fomento Cultural Banamex, coordinated by Candida Fernandez de Calderon , to present a selection of the finest  expressions of folk art in some 12 Iberoamerican countries, followed by a Travelling exhibition througout the continent. The description of the techniques and personal history of 160 master artisans are accompanied by very high quality illustrations. After Mexico City, the exhibition is now in Cadiz, Spain.



BATIK MALAYSIA- Design & Innovation 1960’s-1980’s

by Raja Fuziah binti Raja Tun uda

2012- Published by Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture of Malaysia Raja Fuziah binti Raja Tun Uda shares   the story of batik design and batik yardage during the formative period from the 1960’s to the 1990’s. The book reveals the variety of designs produced at this time and the creativity of the batick artisans involved. It is the first comprehensive compilation of designs, patterns and motifs of Malaysian batik.     Contact:



‘Album of the Winning Entries of the Muscat International Award for Innovation and Creativity in Crafts’ by Nazeih Taleb Maarouf 2012- Published by IRCICA, Istanbul This Album provides a documented presentation of the creativity of master artisans from various geographcial regions who participated in the Festival jointly organized by Muscat Municipality and IRCICA in 2011. Published in English and Arabilc, it contains some 200 colored photos of the prized works in a diversity of craft fields, from carpets and kilims to mosaic, embroidery, glass works and many more. Contact:



work of art_revThe Work of Art- Folk Artists in the 21st Century- 2013 (IFM MEDIASANTA FE, USA) by Carmella Padilla – Foreword by Indrasen Vencatachellum With some 200 photographs of folk artists and their creations,

The Work of Art examines and illustrates their power as creative and socially responsible champions for global change and cultural sustainibility. The book also celebrates the significant achievement of the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market as a profound point of connection and exchange for folk artists and consumers, as well as an inspirational model for other markets the world over.



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