Arab World

Mr Nazih MAAROUF, Istanbul, Turkey

NAZEIH MAAROUF is the Head of the Crafts Development  Programme of the Islamic Research Centre on History, Art and Culture (IRCICA)  in Istanbul since 1987. He initiated a series of International seminars and  meetings on Islamic Traditional Arts and Crafts, namely the First  Artisans-at-Work Festival in Islamabad (1994). He is the author of several  books on traditional crafts in the Muslim World and has presented technical  papers  at numerous seminars and  conferences . He has been a Jury member of the UNESCO Crafts Prize and  Evaluator of the Ten Year Plan of Action in the Arab States for the period  1990-1998. Nazeih Maarouf is also the Coordinator of IRCICA activities in the  framework of UN-OIC Cooperation for a new priority area entitled ‘ Development  of arts and crafts and promotion of heritage’.