Central America

Mrs Maria Esther ECHEVERRIA-Mexico City, Mexico

MARIA ESTHER ECHEVERRIA is presently the Director of  the NGO ‘Espacio Cultural San Jeronimo’ whose objective is to stimulate the  dissemination of Mexico’s culture.  She  was the Director of the Fondo Nacional para el fomento de las artesanias  (FONART) during 11 years and has dedicated a great part of her professional  life to the promotion and dissemination of Mexico’s popular arts , both at the  national and international level. She participated in the establishment of two  major museums in the city of Mexico, that of Popular Cultures where she was the  Director and that of Popular Arts. Maria Esther Echeverria has participated in  several research projects, namely on lead-free ceramics and has been a Jury  Member of numerous national and international craft contests including the  UNESCO Award of Excellence for the Caribbean region.