Central Asia


Dinara CHOCHUNBAEVA is  presently the Director of Central Asian Crafts Support Association’s Resource Center  in Kyrgyzstan (CACSARC-kg)  and coordinator of UNESCO Award of Excellence Program for Central   Asia (since 2004).  She has  participated in the International Jury of this Award for South and East Asia. In 2006 , she established the Public Foundation   “Crafts and Traditional Knowledge”, whose  aim is to make the inventory  of crafts  and traditional culture of Central Asian people. From 2000 to 2008, Dinara was elected twice as a President of Central Asian  Crafts Support Association (CACSA), www.catgen.com/cacsa,  and represented Central Asian craftpersons at the Board of World Crafts Council-Asia  Pacific during 2004-2008. As a   crafts development  specialist,  Dinara  provided consultations and  trainings to different target groups in Central Asia and  participated in research  programme  in Tajikistan,  Georgia, and Turkey. Besides,,  she is , promoting  the craft of Central  Asian people at International festivals and fairs, coordinating different publications  in the sphere of traditional culture and crafts development.