Mrs Elena Averoff – Europe

ELENA AVEROFF  has a long-standing passion for crafts and has  been involved in the world of crafts since 1972. At that time, she had moved  with her family from Athens to the little mountain village of Metsovo (located  in NW Greece) and started working for the Tossizza Foundation promoting the  crafts of the village and the region of Epirus, in general  (             From 1974 she was a member of WCC Hellenic section,  which she served in various capacities. And from 2000-2004 she was the  President of WCC International;Since 1995 she has also been a member of the  Board of the EGNATIA EPIRUS Foundation, which is engaged in various activities  one of which is to assist and promote the crafts sector by using not only  “traditional” methods, but also advanced information technologies.,,,