South America

Ms Cecila DUQUE DUQUE-Bogota, Colombia          

CECILIA DUQUE-DUQUE was Director General of  Artesanias de Colombia, a state enterprise, from 1990 to 2006, where her  prospective vision allowed her to undertake successfully a series of projects  for the benefit of Colombian artisans,   which were highly recognized at national and international level. She  created the Artisans Square, founded the Design Laboratories linking designers  with various craft professions and considerably improved craft sales through  national fairs and exhibitions abroad. Cecilia Duque Duque was one of the  founders of the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of Bogota in 1971 ,  became the Museum Director in 1975 and later on served as President of the  Colombian Association of Museums.  She  was Vice President of World Crafts Council for Latin America and   has been closely associated with the  activities of the Organization of American States (OAS) and  UNESCO