Who are we

RIDA is a unique network of specialists from the 5 continents with a long experience in

  • product selection (for labels, promotion, export)
  • market identification (local, national and international)
  • skills upgrading of artisans
  • project preparation
  • data collection and analysis

This network is dedicated, on the one hand, to the development of quality crafts on the international market and, on the other, to the promotion of traditional and creative products by artisans and designers.

In the first instance, RIDA concentrates its services on three current priorities concerning respectively recycled crafts, awards of excellence for crafts and the integration of the crafts sector in national development policies.

RIDA is coordinated by :


From 1988 to 2008, Director of UNESCO’s Programme for the promotion of crafts and design. He has initiated the first ‘Ten Year Plan of Action for Crafts Development in the World’, launched the “UNESCO Crafts Prize” for Africa, Asia, the Arab States and Latin America followed by the SEAL of Excellence; prepared skills upgrading workshops in several sub-regions and organized meeting of experts ( “ Crafts and Tourism; Codification of craft products; Lead-free ceramics; natural dyes international symposium and workshop…) as well as a series of exhibitions ( “Crafts from around the world”, “DESIGN 21”…)



Consultant for the development of Handcrafts since 20 years with the United nations Agencies involved in this field directly (UNESCO) and indirectly (UNDP, UNWTO…). He is also based in Bangkok, coordinator of the Government of Thailand projects for a quality traditional craft. He was before, for 10 years, Executive Secretary of Fedeau, (Federation for the development of Utilitarian handcrafts) where he managed the projects financed by the European commission (EDF) in around 50 countries, especially in Africa and Latin America. He was trained by his grand father , a master blacksmith, and at the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)