How RIDA can help

Acting both locally and globally as an advocate of the role of crafts in society, RIDA

  • assists the authorities in defining the quantitative contribution of crafts to other sectors (agriculture, tourism, industries, social development…);
  • contributes to the skills up-grading of craftspeople and high level training of those responsible for crafts enterprises;
  • helps promote quality crafts through the linkage between national designers, artisans, retailers and experts with international experience.

RIDA is created to help all crafts organizations face three new challenges which are completely transforming the development of this activity:

    1. Crafts is less and less targeted to the local market and more and more to the tourist market. Tourism development policies have to take into account what type of products tourists are buying as these purchases become an essential source of income for craftspeople and for national economies.
    • The buyers of crafts are ready to increase their purchases but they have to be reassured about the quality and authenticity of what is available. They need quality labels or Seals of Excellence at national and regional level as a first step.
    • Crafts has to join the world phenomena of branding. Craft organizations require assistance to set up brands which will open new and more sustainable markets.

In response to these challenges, the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK FOR CRAFTS DEVELOPMENT- RIDA – brings to policy makers, trade organizers, NGOs and International funding agencies – the unique experience of long-time specialists from the five continents.