The International Network for Crafts Development (RIDA) exists to promote the identity and diversity of the crafts sector in the world and broaden awareness of this vital sector as a socio economic and cultural force.

Members join RIDA to:

  • advocate for the role of crafts in society
  • support and encourage creativity
  • share information and knowledge
  • disseminate models of good professional practice

Membership is reserved for individuals or organizations with a proven record of activities in the crafts sector during at least 10 years.
Each registered member has access to the RIDA website for communicating news and information about their activities and events


Individuals or organizations wishing to join RIDA in its work should submit their details and state their commitment in the following form.

The request should be sent to the International Coordinators who will consider their application in the light of the philosophy and objectives of RIDA.

Email your form to: