Our Priorities

  • How to promote the best products from recycling?


Fashion phenomenon or survival necessity, recycled crafts benefits from a growing success in all world markets. Anonymous passionate artisans from Africa, Asia or Latin America, and also anonymous artists internationally renowned, all plunge into the dustbins of the world.

Some by necessity, to survive, manufacture house utensils, sieves, strainers in tinplate, feet lamp with packages of insecticide, which let the designers dream. Others by pleasure or ecological emergency awareness, transform, compress, accumulate, stick, mix and cut the result of their collections, sometimes producing works of art. However, there is an urgent need for creative craftspeople to get recognition for their  “second life” products and for consumers to be able to sort out the pile of recycled products offered on the market.
RIDA is organizing a first  competition for the awarding of a Seal of excellence in recycling and will display the selected products in its Image Gallery .


  • How to ensure the credibility of the Seals of excellence in crafts such as those established by UNESCO?
    The extension this seal in different sub-regions of the world and the promotion of the selected products on the international market involve a rigorous process in the application of the established evaluation criteria. The future of this initiative depends on this task.
    RIDA can help the organizers in each sub-region in the world to form a jury both independent and competent.
  • How to quantify the contribution of crafts in national development projects?
    All experts agree on the significant economic, social and cultural role of crafts. However, in the negotiations with both national and international officials, we must show and prove this importance. Quantitative data will allow giving priority to the promotion of handicrafts projects rather than to other demanding sectors.
    Comparative data must be collected in each country on the status of crafts production in other sectors (agriculture, tourism, industry) and its contribution to national income compared with that of these sectors.
    RIDA can help you organize the collection, analysis and exploitation of such data.