RIDA provides tailored interventions by national, regional and international experts in the following key areas:

    • Advise on policies for  the socio-economic and cultural development  of crafts
    • Advise on data collection  and disseminate information on successful experiences worldwide
    • Manage research and data collection on crafts purchases , especially on the domestic and tourist markets
    • Develop training plans for craftspeople to  up-grade their skills and implement product adaptation
    • Integrate  processes of product and design innovation, especially in recycled and mixed materials
    • Advise on training methods for the management of small craft enterprises and e-commerce
    • Advise on the best export and tourist market opportunities
    • Facilitate the exchange of experience between geographical regions on the marketing of crafts, especially products bearing the award of excellence
    • Advise on the composition and working methods of the Jury for the Award of Excellence in crafts
    • Assist in the organization of product exhibitions in fairs , trade shows and museum shops